Mulcahy for Congress

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Nathaniel Mulcahy
for Congress in 2020

I'm running as a civic duty because environmentally and politically this is an all-hands-on-deck time in the history of our nation.

Taking the Pledge with the Sunrise Movement, July 2019

Taking the Pledge with the Sunrise Movement, July 2019

I am the grateful son of a New Englander and an immigrant, who has become a scientist, engineer, teacher, humanitarian, environmentalist, blessed husband, ridiculously proud papà, supporter of the arts (visual and music), and fan of bees, dogs and wooden boats.

I am an unapologetically Progressive Democrat and I agree with the idea outlined by Petrini that it is the obligation for elected officials to use their power exclusively for the good of the people.

In My Opinion, the Common Good Must Include, among many other things:

1) Addressing the Climate Crisis with both Green New Deal #GND and science-based, aggressive and actionable solutions using existing technology.

2) Caring for all with Medicare for All #M4A

3) Providing free education from daycare through college for all who want it. #FreePublicCollege

4) Addressing the urgent need for #ImmigrationReform

Downloadable Campaign Poster

Downloadable Campaign Poster


We will be sharing more details about the solutions I propose for the four key issues of my campaign as our web page evolves.

Please sign up for updates about when our policy specific pages will be ready and come talk with me directly during our listening sessions planned for all 39 of our district's cities and towns. Dates and times will be posted on twitter and sent out via email updates to those who sign up.

We know that not everyone has access to the internet so we'd appreciate those of you who do to reach out to your friends and neighbors and let them know of our campaign and upcoming events. Our goal is to hear from as many people as possible.

#ScienceIsReal #ClimateCrisis #KeepFossilFuelsInTheGround #PubliclyFundedElections #NoPACs

PLEASE NOTE: Our campaign will not knowingly accept ANY funding from the fossil fuel industry, military-industrial complex, Wall Street or Health Insurance Providers, or the N.R.A.

Should we become aware that donations from any of these have been made to our campaign we will promptly return the funds. Should returning the funds donated by these four sources not be possible, they will be divided equally donated in their entirety to these organizations that better represent what we stand for.